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The Purity of the Young Heart

I have another blog out here in cyberspace (Making it, His Best) that I started back in 2008 or so to capture my thoughts.  Much like I am doing with this blog.  My last blog post on that particular blog was in 2012.  I have not blogged since then.  I started this new blog because I wanted to start blogging again but could not remember the log in credentials of the old page.

As I was reading posts from the other blog, I could identify a couple of things in my writings.  First, it was very clear to me, just in my tone and style of writing, that I was a little less experienced and not quite as hardened then as I seem to have become.  Second, I realized the sincerity and purity with which I wrote some of those posts.  Most of them are masterpieces of grammatical error, but I was typing as the thoughts flowed and wasn't necessarily concerned with its slickness.  There was a pouring out of me that seemed to yearn for Christ in the midst of the hindering religious environments I was in…

Child-like vs. Childish: Towards Spiritual Maturity

The Bible tells us that we will not enter the Kingdom of heaven unless we be like a little child. (Matthew 18:3) Child-likeness

The Bible also admonishes us to press on towards spiritual maturity.  (Hebrews 6:1-3, 1 Corinthians 13:11).

Below is a link to a timely message by Minister David Pawson titled "Towards Spiritual Maturity"

Towards Spiritual Maturity