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It Was Easier to Just Invite Them to Church.......

 A really sweet lady at my daughter's school handed me a card for her church this morning with an invitation to visit.  As I reached out to grab the card, memories of a past time were brought back to me.  A little over 4 years ago, my husband and I attended a fellowship that was very small, to which we had no objections.  We'd just left a much larger church that wasn't hurting for attendees.  They were hosting three services at the time we left. Anywho, one of the biggest things the smaller church promoted was extending invitations for people to visit the church in hopes that they would join .  The church had business cards, and all members were highly encouraged to pass them out to get more people in the door (I have several theories as to why they were so hungry for members; most of them having to do with money).  There were usually several messages  preached on increasing our faith and believing God for the impossible (this was a heavy signs and wonders ministry, bu

Because Vanity is Popular: The Rise of Heather Lindsey

There is a prominent female figure currently on the horizon that has all of the girlies holding their breathe until she breathes her next word.  Her face, her posts, her image and her voice are slathered from thither and yonder on social media.  You never have to wonder what's going on in her life nor in her household.  It is all tracked and recorded via the world wide web.  I've listened to some of her teachings and agree with most of what she says.  While she does not verbally communicate anything that seems detrimental, it is what is not said being (yet seen) that is the most disappointing factor. I first became aware of this young lady and her husband a couple of years ago when another young lady posted on my Facebook page that my husband and I reminded her of them.  I presumed she was referring to the fact that we were married and shared a passion for the Lord.  Being the kind of person I tend to be, I looked them up in hopes of expanding our circle of nationwid