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The Other "S" Word: Let's Talk About SEX (for the married or soon to be married folks)

I am going to warn you now.  This one is going to be a bit of TMI, but it is a necessary and a not often discussed topic between marrieds.  I don't know if this was the same for you, but when I was a kid the word sex was equivalent to a cuss word.  It was something young lads and lasses had no business talking about let alone engaging in.  Everything I knew about sex came from peers and mother gave me the impression that if a boy even looked at me the wrong way I would get pregnant.  In high school, most of the kids were having sex.  I chose to abstain, not because it honored God to do so, but because 1) I was terrified and 2) It was a personal badge of honor to say I was a virgin when all the other girls were being fast. I finally came to understand that casual sex before marriage was highly detrimental spiritually, emotionally and physically, but was never given the positive view of the God intended side of sex.  I lost my virginity in college and was

Blinded Eyes

I wrote this when I was about 22/23 years old.  I can almost remember the exact moment.  Still checks me 10 years later. Everything you have, I've given to you, but you neglect to thank me. You don't acknowledge me in half that you do, but yet expect each day to see. I've tried and I've tried to make you understand the magnitude of my love. But with blinded eyes you refuse to see just how much you mean to me. And it hurts for me to see how you love so selfishly. After all I've done for you.  I thought maybe you'd love me too. It seems its never quite enough. You ask for more.  I ask for trust. Your words, I hear; its just for show. What's in your heart, I really know. And it hurts for me to see how you love so selfishly. Please rend your heart and not your tears. True love casts out all fear. It's my hand you seek, but you don't my face. Every time storms come, you fall. You've taken advantage of my saving grace, and ignor