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Battle of Wills

The crux of our existence as persons seeking to abide in Christ is our willingness to surrender our will to God (our wants, desires, plans,ambitions); with an acknowledgment of God's will being more important or higher than our will.  It is by this acknowledgment that we are able to show that we are dedicated disciples concerned with His mission and His purposes; first and foremost.  If we choose not to do this and are honest with ourselves, the implications are clear; God's will is secondary to our own. The process of surrendering our will is a most difficult one.  It is a hard and narrow road not often or easily traveled because of the sacrifices required.  Case in point:  Jesus encountered a rich man one day.  We'll call him, Joe.  Joe was eager to obtain eternal life.  He practically fell at Jesus' feet and begged Him to tell him what he needed to do to obtain it.  First, Jesus listed off a number of commandments Joe should keep.  To that, Joe responded affirma