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The Need for Brokenness

We feign humility because we think we have figured out the formula to Christian "success" usually found in the form of a platform and a ministry readily identified with our name and image.  We humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God only to claim the promise of exaltation in due time (without understanding the intent of the exaltation as referenced in the passage 1 Peter 5:6).  Let us no longer mistake our pitiful efforts to appear humble to keep us from true humility; namely brokenness. This has been a loooooong battle for me that I have yet to master.  I have experienced periods of brokenness when my plans were thwarted and I had no other choice but to FINALLY surrender that area of my life to the Lord, but there is much to be said for the soul who seeks to humble him/herself without the proverbial rug being swiped from under them. I did not pen the words you are about to read below, but this is probably the most difficult message for many to submit to.