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Battle of Wills

The crux of our existence as persons seeking to abide in Christ is our willingness to surrender our will to God (our wants, desires, plans,ambitions); with an acknowledgment of God's will being more important or higher than our will.  It is by this acknowledgment that we are able to show that we are dedicated disciples concerned with His mission and His purposes; first and foremost.  If we choose not to do this and are honest with ourselves, the implications are clear; God's will is secondary to our own.

The process of surrendering our will is a most difficult one.  It is a hard and narrow road not often or easily traveled because of the sacrifices required.  Case in point:  Jesus encountered a rich man one day.  We'll call him, Joe.  Joe was eager to obtain eternal life.  He practically fell at Jesus' feet and begged Him to tell him what he needed to do to obtain it.  First, Jesus listed off a number of commandments Joe should keep.  To that, Joe responded affirmatively, but Jesus wasn't done.  Of all the commandments Jesus mentioned prior; the one thing He told Joe was actually necessary was to sell all he had, give it the poor and follow Him.  The Bible says the rich man walked away with gloom on his face because he was very rich. (Mark 10:17-21)

Joe had lost all hope of salvation because Jesus asked of him the one thing he wasn't willing to do; give up his wealth and all he'd worked for.  Joe was prisoner to his will to retain his wealth and forfeited the most lucrative proposition he'd ever received.  He exchanged the perishable for the imperishable.  

Like Joe, we hold back certain aspects of our lives from the Lord that WE deem too valuable to relinquish control of; things we have personally worked hard and strive for.  Today, we don't have Jesus in bodily form instructing us in the specifics of walking with and pleasing Him, but the Holy Spirit is constantly speaking to us in various ways; seeking to lead us to the Truth.  We also have the Bible to instruct us and give us insight into the mind of God.  We reject Him by going our own way and following our own path as if to say our way is better than His.  Jesus didn't reject Joe, but Joe walked away from Christ.  Joe had more security in his wealth than he had trust in Christ.  He desired riches more than eternal life.

This example is not to say everyone must do exactly as Jesus instructed the rich man to do (sell all your possessions and give everything to the poor), but I believe Jesus knew what was in Joe's heart.  Rather, what had Joe's heart.  His wealth kept him bound to this earthly plane, unable to accept Jesus' offer for eternal life and discipleship.  In like manner, Jesus wants us to give up whatever is keeping us from committing ourselves wholly to Him.  Whatever it is.  In this life, we only actually need what is necessary to follow Jesus and accomplish the will of the Father, and WE don't determine that.

The "American Dream" brand of Christianity would have many to believe that God exists to fill our desires instead of the other way around.  We try to barter with God far too often and say "Okay God, I will do this if you will do that."  Don't fashion for yourself a god/an idol that will sign off and reinforce YOUR will.  Don't get trapped in that mindset, regardless of what all of the big name preachers tell you.  Get up from there.....move on from there.   

Contrary to popular belief, it is an honorable thing to be deemed a servant of the Lord.


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