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The Architect's Daughter

 The Architect - deviser, maker or creator of anything

It is amazing how everything we lay our eyes on has a creator.  Nothing is a randomly occurring phenomenon.  Not me.  Not you.  Not the universe.  Just as plans for the world's most magnificent edifices were meticulously laid out and constructed, so too were you and I.  No, this is not the one size fits all "God has a plan for your life" conversation (although He does), but its a realization of just how deliberate everything around us is.  Your breathing patterns,  your DNA, the way your hair grows, the way the oceans ebb & flow and how the moon influences the tide.  Creation is an amazing thing, but credit isn't to be given to the object but to the creator.  The mastermind behind the plans. 

Every architect has a purpose for its creation.  I have yet to find one that arbitrarily works at a project with such diligence only to see it fare on its own through the phases of construction.  In the grand scheme of things, we should feel so insignificant; knowing that every organ, breathe and the stars hinge on the word of God Almighty.  That everything was created by Him and for Him and that we are the privileged benefactors of His life and His salvation.   

Even knowing this, I find myself questioning, not His existence or His Lordship, but my petty involvement (effort) in living out His plans.  I consider myself a devout, bible believing, Spirit-filled, Born Again believer.  Hoping to live in this world while not being of this world.  However, I have felt (especially over the past few years) the basicness of my humanity over run (not overturn) the vigor and staunch commitment that I should have to fight a good fight and wage a good warfare. I have spent the last 15 years (the amount of time I claim salvation and a walk with Jesus) of my life hoping to find where and how I fit into His plan; His blueprint.  Desiring to know exactly where this stone fits and its function.  

I am probably closer to this revelation than I have enough faith to believe; that somehow, through of the death of His Son Jesus, I'd been given the right to become His child.  (John 1:12) And as His child, I have been given the right to know Him, His plans and His heart; not just for me, but for mankind.  But with that comes a cost and I've been counting my pocket change for far too long now.  In my mind I have ascended and in my heart I do believe.  I even profess it with my mouth, but completely surrendering my will; on the other hand, can definitely use some work (and my punctuation because I totally struggled with that sentence).  So, that is pretty much what this blog is about.  My need to surrender my will.  And much like my three year old, I find myself complaining a lot about a lot of things because I just can't seem to get this 'my will not your will be done' thing worked out.  However, I AM working on it.

Yet and still, I am the Architect's daughter.  I refuse to be anything else and I'll stand on it until I die and pray that He continues to give me the grace and provide me with the mercy I know I am going to need to endure til He comes (or I die; whichever comes first)!


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